Studying at Nancy school of architecture

Come study at the Nancy School of Architecture

International student mobility and academic cooperation with foreign partners are a priority for the National School of Architecture of Nancy.

Thus, the Nancy School of Architecture participates in the Erasmus + program with more than ten European countries. Outside Europe, the school maintains bilateral relations with several countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Japan, India, Turkey and Morocco.

The Nancy School of Architecture welcomes international incoming students, for a semester or an academic year.


Application file

Students can register at the school as an international visiting student, notably through the ERASMUS program. They can find here the information to come to the school of architecture of Nancy as part of this type of exchange.

As soon as the Nancy School of Architecture receives their nomination from their home institution, incoming mobility students will receive the application documents by e-mail.


School enrollment procedures

Familiarize yourself with the dates to be observed and the documents to be returned to the International Relations department by downloading the factsheet.

  • Deadline to register for the 1st semester or the whole year: 07/06/21
  • Deadline to register for the 2nd semester: 08/11/21

Incoming students must prove a B1 level in French.

A student card will be issued, it gives access to university libraries, CROUS food outlets, sports services and allows students to benefit from the advantages offered.

Contact of international exchange students
Perrine Gabriel
Head of International Relations

Nancy school of architecture

Information on the Nancy School of Architecture :
Students can find the brochure here (in English).

They will also find all the information on the associative life of the School here in order to facilitate their integration alongside their comrades if they wish.


Before their arrival, incoming students will be invited to complete a learning agreement with the courses they choose from the study program of the School of Architecture of Nancy.

This learning agreement will then be submitted for validation by the Studies Department and signed by the National School of Architecture of Nancy.

Find out more about the courses to choose (in french)


ECTS Credits

The "ECTS" credits represent the volume of work that the student must provide for each course unit. They express the amount of work that each course unit requires relative to the overall volume of work required to pass a full year at the institution.

  • 60 credits represent the volume of work for a year of study,
  • 30 credits equivalent to one semester.

In Nancy, a credit corresponds to approximately 30 hours of personal work. The ECTS system guarantees the student the recognition of his period of study abroad through the transfer of the credits which are granted and validated by the exchange of transcripts between the home university and the university reception.

Students holding a level lower than or equal to the 3rd year of architecture studies in their country of origin will preferably follow the License 3 courses at the Nancy School of Architecture.

Students holding a level greater than or equal to the 4th year of architecture studies in their country of origin will preferably follow the Master 1 courses in architecture studies in Nancy in order to benefit from the first and second courses. semester of that year of study.

However, on written request, they will be able to follow lessons in the 5th Year (M2) of architecture studies at the Nancy School of Architecture, if the need to validate an end-of-study project work in their establishment of origin is justified.


Choice of EU

Foreign students are allowed to choose UEs:

A) in their year of registration;

B) in the year immediately below their year of registration;

C) in the year immediately above their year of registration.


However, undergraduates cannot take master's courses.

Over the same semester, it is recommended that students take all the lessons of the same course.

Over two semesters, even if this is not compulsory, it is recommended not to enroll in the second semester in courses whose bases would not have been acquired in the first semester.

In addition, some courses are linked and cannot be taken separately (see course program for exchange students).

Finally, students can only take one project per semester of study.

A study contract will be established between the home institution and the Nancy School of Architecture.


Teachings at the Nancy school of architecture

Undergraduate educational program (DEEA)
License cycle manager: Barbara HOPP

Second Cycle educational program (DEA)
Responsible for the second cycle: Aude MOURIER


* MFE and PFE supervision or follow-up courses are not available since students will take their thesis or end-of-year project at their home university.

** Students will only be able to take one project per semester of study.



French Classes

30 hours of French as a foreign language courses are organized free of charge upon registration with Perrine Gabriel, International Relations Manager, and allow the validation of 3 ECTS.



Administratives procedures

  • Passports, visas: French consulates abroad / directory of embassies: Union of French people abroad, France Diplomacy WARNING! Check with the home universities for student visa procedures, different from tourist visas which are only granted for 3 months.
  • Social Security - Health: Erasmus students must provide proof of their social security affiliation (European health insurance card). Students coming from third countries within the framework of a bilateral agreement must adhere to the French social security system and must pay the contribution rights of an indicative amount of € 250 for the year. This affiliation is compulsory. They can also subscribe to a complementary mutual.
  • Liability insurance: this insurance (indicative amount 20 €) allows, in particular, to insure its accommodation against fire and water damage. It is compulsory.
  • Bank: it is possible to open an account at the bank, at the post office or at a Caisse d'Epargne. To open an account, you will need to present an identity card or passport, and proof of domiciliation in France. An account at the bank or at the post office facilitates the daily life of the students and in particular the reimbursements of the Social Security.


Reception of foreign students in Nancy

International Home - University of Lorraine
91 avenue de la Liberation
Ground floor - 54000 Nancy
(bus 5, Cavallier stop)
Phone: + 33 (0) 3 72 74 05 04
Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. / 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.




- Erasmus Student network (ESN):

- campus, health area:

- accommodation, university restaurants: “International” section

- transport (bus, tram):

- Young people in Lorraine:

- discover Nancy and its region:


Good to know

it is advisable to find out about the procedures for terminating accommodation and the procedures to be carried out before leaving.

A guide is available in English on how to choose a mobile plan to make sure everything works when you leave and when roaming abroad.