Studying at Nancy school of architecture ***

Studying at Nancy school of architecture ***

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Since the creation of the ENSarchitecture of Nancy, internationality has been an essential axis of its development that responds to the need for openness and understanding of a globalized world in which our students, future corporate executives, are brought to evolve.

This is why our school provides two options for international students to come study in Nancy:

    ⁃    The ERASMUS Program
Which allows our students to study in schools or universities abroad, and international students to come and study at our school for a semester or two. The students stay affiliated to the university they study in their own country.

To support students during their international experience, ENSarchitecture of Nancy relies on a network of 79 partner universities in 34 countries.

These partnerships are vectors of international collaboration and allow students to complete semesters of study and internships abroad; it is also a means of developing teacher mobility and fostering research programs in partnership with teaching centers abroad.

All students of the Grande Ecole Program can benefit from these academic cooperation agreements to complete a semester or two of their studies in Japan, China, the United States, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East or Latin America.

The ERASMUS program is only available during the bachelor degree and the master degree. It is NOT available for the Ph.D.

    ⁃    Enroll in a degree program
Students from other countries (European and Non-European) can enroll for a year or more without being affiliated to an exchange program.

They are then considered as regular students and will be able to stay for any amount of time they wish. They can enroll in the Bachelor degree, Master degree and later on in the Ph.D. or HMONP.

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