Preliminary language test

Preliminary language test


The International Center for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) is entrusted by the Ministry of National Education and Research with the organization, development and correction of language tests for foreign and non-EU students wishing to file an application for prior admission (Decree No. 2003-1108 of 21 November 2003, Decree of 21 November 2003 of the Ministry of Youth of National Education and Research).

Candidates for prior registration in an architecture school, not concerned by the exemptions listed below, will be submitted to the TCF examinations on four compulsory tests to assess:

  • Oral comprehension, mastery of language structures (grammar and lexicon),
  • Written comprehension and written expression.

Registration fees are the responsibility of the candidate.

The Nancy School of Architecture requires that candidates obtain at least 410 points (overall score) and 10/20 at least, in written expression.

You can consult the website of the CIEP:, section « French language, assessment and certifications », and then « assessment and certifications ».


Exemptions of TCF

Are exempted from the language test:

  • Nationals of States where French is an official language *
  • Non-French students from French bilingual sections appearing on a list drawn up jointly by the ministries responsible for national education and foreign affairs
  • Holders of the Advanced French Language Diploma (DALF),
  • The candidates who have already passed the test organized by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and have obtained a mark of 16/20 in the written expression test of this one.

* Countries where French is the official or administrative language, exclusively: Benin, Burkina-Faso, Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Guinea-Conakry, Mali, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Togo.



The admission of candidates depends on:

  • A degree level allowing access to higher studies in their country of origin, and in particular to architecture studies,
  • The level of the candidates (both in French - good command of French is essential - and in the disciplines useful for architectural studies) so that they can successfully follow the planned training,
  • Requirements for obtaining a long-term visa with multiple entries (study trips in France and abroad are planned during the course), and conditions of resources in France (studies are long, and it is complicated to ensure at the same time a salaried activity),
  • Opportunities to welcome to the school (capacity of the premises - the number of teachers to ensure the supervision of all activities: courses, TD, support ....).

The admission decision belongs exclusively to schools of architecture. This decision is valid only for the school of architecture that has admitted the candidate and for the academic year mentioned on the file.

Foreign applicants holding a foreign degree must, therefore, ensure that their application for admission is completed with as much precision as possible, including:

  • That the "motivation" part of the file is well argued,
  • To mention, when existing, family ties in France or the possibilities of nearby accommodation,
  • That all the requested documents and those providing additional information that could support the motivation of the candidate (work files for example) be attached.