Application during a degree

Application during a degree

Holders of certain degrees in higher education may submit applications for enrollment in the second or third year of the bachelor degree in architecture studies. The deposit of the file is carried out exclusively via the portal, between January 22nd and March 13th.

The diplomas below entitle students to access undergraduate courses:

  • DN-MADe specialty space design,
  • BTS space design,
  • DUT civil engineering,
  • DNAP,
  • DTA,
  • DNSEP,
  • Bac+3 or Bac+4 LISAA, ESAA or ESAAT,
  • Engineer's degree (civil engineering).

The diplomas below entitle you to access to the Master degree:

  • European Diploma recognized equivalent to the Diploma of Studies in Architecture (DEEA - Diplôme d'état en architecture),
  • Architect's degree obtained in a non-EU state.

Applicants from a country outside the European Union who do not hold a French higher education diploma are not concerned by this procedure (see information note on non-european prospective students).

To apply, you must have an email address. If you do not have one, please know that you can open one for free on sites such as,, etc.

A contribution of 37 euros is required from applicants for the processing of pre-registration files. No participation is required for scholarship students. The payment of these fees can be paid online or by check sent to the school.

Candidates may emphasize special skills in their cover letter and submit personal papers during the interview.

The files, and any additional documents (check, medical certificates, ...) must be complete and sent to the school, no later than April 2nd.

You can meet the teachers, students and educational leaders of the school during the Open Day on Saturday, March 2, 2019.

The admissions committee will review your file, based on your academic results if you are a high school student, and on your baccalaureate grades, academic results and cover letter if you already have the baccalaureate. If your application is selected for the second phase, you will be called to Nancy in early May for an interview. This interview will allow the school to appreciate your motivations, your personality and your other aptitudes for the architecture studies. Applicants residing overseas or in a country far from Nancy may request this interview by video conference (Skype or equivalent).

We will inform you at the end of May of the admission result. If you are admitted, you will have a few days to accept this proposal. If you are ranked "pending", we will admit you, based on your place on the waiting list, if one or more spots are released.



• Your application will only be taken into account when you have closed your file, attached all the supporting documents and made your payment.

• You will need to submit the original transcript of grades obtained at the high school diploma or equivalent at the time of your final registration.